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The goal of the CoCoons Project is to provide peer and technical reviewed, high-quality documentation of C++ libraries for Computational Continuum Numerics on Arbitrary Unstructured Meshes in the Open Source Spirit (OSS).

CoCoons is about the C++ programming language for Computational Continuum Numerics and its main principles. These primarily are object orientation ('oo' in the name), encapsulation (logo representing a cocoon); code re-use, polymorphism and generic programming by inheritance and templated classes. Recognizing the comprehensive free documentation of other libraries (e.g. PETSc, FEniCS, SU2), the focus of the CoCoons Project is for now on community-driven documentation of the OpenFOAM® CFD Toolbox for Computational Continuum Mechanics only, while other projects are invited to join later, adopting the conceptual approach and using this resources This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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As a first step the CoCoons Project will focus on top-level capabilities of the OpenFOAM® library. Numerics and C++ related documentation are to follow-up. A central objective of the CoCoons Project is to provide infrastructural facilities and the opportunity to publish documentation in a professional manner. For this purpose, the project is using its own license model based on the GNU Free Documention License, which has been approved by the Free Software Foundation. Furthermore, a renown international partner journal and partner publishing house are standing side by side with the CoCoons Project. For more information please visit the websites (links on the left).

Cocoons Solvers Guide to OpenFOAM® Technology - Title Page


CoCoons Solvers Guide to OpenFOAM® Technology.


The CoCoons Project

The CoCoons Project is essentially a team of experienced OpenFOAM® users and developers using OpenFOAM® technology (volunteers) with minimal central organization. It is hoped to establish a high quality system of documentation that is easy to use and search through. All CoCoons documentation is freely available, licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 with additions approved by the Free Software Foundations (FSF). For more details please read The CoCoons Project License.

The objective of The CoCoons Project is to create and distribute a set of free high quality documentation for the OpenFOAM® CFD Toolbox. In order to provide this high quality documentation a quality assessment system is introduced:


CoCoons Project Quality Assessment
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